DONtest WB Test Cartridge

Fumo-V test strips use the proven sensitivity and selectivity of VICAM’s monoclonal antibodies to accurately detect and measure total fumonisin B1, B2, and B3 at levels as low as 0.2 ppm and as high as 5 ppm. The single dilution sample preparation procedure saves time and materials, and the test strip develops in just 5 minutes.* Digital results are displayed on the Vertu Lateral Flow reader, eliminating the need for subjective visual interpretation.

Datasheet: Fumo-V Datasheet: Fumo-V (400 KB) Manual: Fumo-V Manual: Fumo-V (486 KB)


  • Fast screening – Results in less than 5 minutes *
  • Simple – No special training required
  • Precise — Limits of detection as low as 0.20 ppm
  • Convenient — Easily performed onsite or in the lab
  • Durable — Long shelf life
  • Accurate — Real-time data which can be printed or downloaded to a computer

*excludes preparation and extraction


April 23-24, 2015
Symposium on Advanced Techniques of Food Safety Detection - AOAC China
Suxhou, Jiangsu Provence, China

Apr 27–29, 2015
Petfood Forum 2015
Kansas City, MO

Apr 29 – May 1, 2015
Texas Feed and Grain Association 117th Annual Meeting & Expo
Omni Bayfront, Corpus Christi, Texas

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