FumoniTest WB

FumoniTest WB Test Cartridge

FumoniTest WB is a quantitative HPLC method that uses wide bore immunoaffinity columns for the detection of fumonisin mycotoxins B1, B2 and B3 in a variety of commodities. With a total volume of 3 mL, FumoniTest WB allows for a faster flow rate preferred by many laboratories and is the ideal cleanup step for any HPLC.

Datasheet: FumoniTest WB Datasheet: FumoniTest WB (385 KB) Manual: FumoniTest and FumoniTest WB HPLC Manual: FumoniTest and FumoniTest WB HPLC (4369 KB)


  • Exclusive – Specifically for HPLC use
  • Comprehensive – Total readings for fumonisins B1, B2, and B3
  • Durable — Long shelf life
  • Versatile —For use with a variety of samples
  • Quick – 15 minutes to isolate toxin*
  • Wide Range — Detects levels as high as 10 ppm
  • Fast Flow — Passes more volume over the column

*excluding preparation and extraction


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