VICAM’s BPATest™ pairs immunoaffinity chromatography with liquid chromatography (LC) and liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) systems to accurately, precisely, and reliably detect and measure ppb levels of BPA in complex matrices. The proprietary monoclonal antibodies in VICAM’s immunoaffinity columns efficiently extract highly concentrated, ultra-clean test samples, virtually eliminating the risk of errors due to chemical interferences or over-dilution, without adding multiple time-consuming steps to laboratory workflows.

Datasheet: BPATest Datasheet: BPATest (421 KB) Manual: BPATest Manual: BPATest (2866 KB) White Paper: Why it’s Time to Revisit Your BPA Test Method White Paper: Why it’s Time to Revisit Your BPA Test Method (158 KB)


  • Fit for Purpose – Specifically designed for HPLC, UPLC, and LC-MS use
  • Wide range – Detects levels as low as 0.5 ppb and as high as 20 ppb
  • Versatile – Works with a variety of samples
  • Quick – Isolates target analyte in as little time as 10 minutes
  • Safe – Requires smaller amounts of potentially harmful chemicals

October 21–23, 2020
FIGAP (International Exhibition for Animal Husbandry and Animal Processing)
Guadalajara, Jalisco

December 8-10, 2020
Almond Board of California
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December 8, 2020
CONAFAB End of Year Meeting
Mexico City

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