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The use of BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups, and infant formula packaging is illegal in the U.S., Canada, the EU, and several Asian countries. California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65) lists BPA as a reproductive toxicant, setting a MADL of 3 μg/day for dermal exposure, as well as 0.1 ppb in infant formula, baby food, liquid, FCM bottles and cups for children age 3 and younger. In addition to the EU’s 0.05 mg/kg of body weight daily maximum migration level in plastic food contact materials, BPA regulations for various other products are in force in a number of U.S. states and European countries.

Bisphenol A Testing Solutions

Bisphenol A

A chemical of concern found in polycarbonate consumer products such as plastic food and beverage containers, a known endocrine disruptor to numerous adverse health effects.


August 22, 2018
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Hilton Garden Inn, Dothan, AL

August 23, 2018
Mycotoxin Testing Seminar
Hilton Garden Inn, Albany, GA

September 11–13, 2018
Tagung für Müllerei-Technologie Erntegespräch (69th Convention of Milling-Technology)
Detmold, Germany

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