Order Center

  • Cuvettes & Racks
    Cuvettes & Racks

    Organize and protect samples to minimize errors, accidents and rework.

  • Dispensers

    Precise volume measurement for delivery of developers, methanol and water

  • Filters & Funnels
    Filters & Funnels

    Keep large and small particulates out during sample preparation.

  • Graduated Cylinders
    Graduated Cylinders

    Precise graduated volume measurements from 10mL up to 250 mL.

  • Miscellaneous

    Essential items for outfitting your laboratory

  • Pipettors & Tips
    Pipettors & Tips

    Accurate measurement and delivery for small sample and reagent volumes.

  • Reference Samples
    Reference Samples

    Spiked and naturally contaminated reference samples for ongoing validation.

  • Safety

    Protective equipment and supplies to ensure your safety

  • Wash Bottles
    Wash Bottles

    Simple to use bottles for water, buffer solutions and more...